Collection Volière


nappe collection volière



Like an evidence, the collaboration QUINSAI x LE JACQUARD FRANÇAIS, is a bridge between interior decoration and table art. The same region, the same elegant style, the same desire for a sumptuous and refined decoration unites these two houses.

Quinsaï's spectacular and meticulous designs blend with our unique know-how on this exceptional tablecloth. We see a peaceful and harmonious complicity between vegetation and birds, your guests will be seduced and charmed!

Quinsaï is a studio of original and exclusive decors and wallpapers. The richness of Quinsaï lies in the mysterious papers that have been transformed thousands of times over the years, and which continue to live and inspire their creators.


Master of Linen Certification

Certified Masters of Linen ®, the linen we weave is 100% European and eco-responsible. A true seal of excellence and guarantee of traceability, this label is a reference for consumers and professionals. In addition, we are committed, in partnership with producers, to defend the know-how and production of high quality European linen.