Christmas tablecloths: ideas for your festive table





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As the festive season approaches, choosing the right tablecloth is of magical importance to create the perfect atmosphere. Whether traditional or enchanting, the different Christmas tablecloth themes are sure to enchant your guests.
Give free rein to your imagination, as these creative tablecloths evoke a fairytale spirit that transports you to a joyous, festive universe. Whether traditional or contemporary, they'll bring back sweet family memories.
Dive into this enchanted season and embrace the magic of Christmas by choosing the tablecloth that will light up your table!



Rectangular tablecloths

Choosing rectangular tablecloths for Christmas tables offers appreciable versatility. They can be adapted to different table sizes, large or small.

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Square tablecloths

Square tablecloths add a unique aesthetic to Christmas tables. Their symmetry brings visual harmony, while their size facilitates table layout.

Round tablecloths

For special occasions, round tablecloths bring a refined elegance. Their soft, flowing shape creates a warm atmosphere.

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Winter patterns

Snowflake motifs evoke the ephemeral beauty of winter, while Christmas trees symbolize tradition. On some models, you'll also see reindeer, evoking the spirit of Santa's magic. For a mix-and-match atmosphere, combine these patterns with color combinations such as sparkling white, lush green and festive red.


Festive patterns

These patterns bring symbolic meaning to generosity, joy and precious memories. Emblematic motifs that evoke the spirit of the season and tell a special story.


Geometric patterns

For a modern Christmas table, rely on the creative use of festive geometric patterns and classics revisited with garlands and holly with stylized berries. For a contemporary look, dare bold color combinations like pastel pink, ice blue and mint green.


Traditional Christmas patterns

Traditional patterns are essential for creating an authentic Christmas atmosphere. Stars evoke the light of the season, while bells symbolize joy and celebration. Opt for traditional colors such as shimmering gold, deep red and emerald green for these timeless motifs.



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Red, the color of Christmas par excellence, evokes Santa Claus. For a warm table decoration, choose a red tablecloth and matching accessories. Combine with gold candles, green napkins or touches of white.




White evokes winter and the purity of snow. Create a wintry ambience with a white tablecloth and add gold or silver accessories, such as baubles, edged tableware or sparkling napkins.




For a modern Christmas table, rely on the creative use of festive geometric patterns and revisited classics with garlands and holly with stylized berries. For a contemporary look, dare bold color combinations like pastel pink, ice blue and mint green.




For an eye-catching look, opt for gold. It alone evokes the festive spirit. A gold tablecloth will illuminate your table with refinement. Pair it with white tableware for an elegant table setting.




An alternative to gold, silver brings a touch of magic to Christmas festivities. A silver tablecloth lends sophistication and modernity to your table. Complement with touches of white or blue for a subtle balance.




Leu creates a soothing, almost magical atmosphere. Opt for a light-toned blue tablecloth, and you can create a polar atmosphere by pairing it with touches of silver and white baubles. Or opt for midnight blue and gold elements for an elegant Christmas table reminiscent of a starry sky.


Color combinations


For a traditional ambiance, combine red, green and white. A red tablecloth with green napkins and white accessories is perfect. For a festive table, dare bold color combinations, such as pink and green, or white and brown.



When choosing a tablecloth for your Christmas table, two materials stand out for their elegance and practicality: cotton and high-end linen.


Cotton is a very popular material for tablecloths because of its softness, durability and ease of care. High-quality cotton is particularly appreciated for its silky touch and superior quality. These high-end cotton tablecloths add a touch of luxury to your Christmas table, while being resistant to common stains.

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Naturally elegant linen offers a beautiful texture to tablecloths. With its fine fiber and natural elegance, it adds an exceptional touch to our tablecloth collections. These quality linen tablecloths sublimate designs and give your home a majestic touch.

Coated Cotton

When coated, cotton tablecloths become waterproof and stain-resistant, making them ideal for everyday use as well as for special occasions such as Christmas. Coated cotton is easy to clean, often requiring only a simple wipe with a sponge to remove stains, which comes in very handy during festive meals.

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At Le Jacquard Français, we advise you to avoid paper for a Christmas tablecloth, as it is less resistant, less elegant and more prone to tears and stains than high-end cotton and linen.