5 Ideas for natural Christmas table decorations



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Christmas is a magical time when families gather around a warm table to celebrate the festivities together. Table decorations play an essential role in creating a convivial and festive atmosphere. By following these inspiring ideas, you can create a natural and even eco-responsible Christmas table decoration. The use of natural elements, personalized decorations and the magic of lights are all ways to make your table unique and warm. Don't hesitate to put your creativity to work by creating DIY projects and using elements you've found on your walks in the woods. By reusing your decorations from one year to the next, you're also helping to reduce your impact on the environment.


Natural decorations for your Christmas table


  • Pine twigs: Add a touch of freshness and greenery, and bring the spirit of Christmas to your table.
  • Eucalyptus twigs: Eucalyptus is very much in vogue, adding elegance and a pleasant fragrance to your decor.
  • Hollies: Made up of green leaves and red berries, holly branches bring a festive atmosphere to your table.
  • Pine cones: Known for their versatility, they can be arranged or used as name tags. Dried autumn leaves: add a touch of color and warmth to your table decor.
  • Dried autumn leaves: add a touch of color and warmth to your table decor.
  • Small wooden houses: An element that will bring a rustic, decorative charm to your table.



Linen tablecloths and napkins for your natural Christmas table

Linen tablecloths and napkins are a refined choice for a Christmas table. Their slightly irregular texture and earthy colors if you opt for a natural shade lend an authentic ambience, while their natural, long-lasting look complements nature-inspired decorating.


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Personalized natural Christmas decoration ideas

Give free rein to your creativity by creating your own decorations. There's nothing like getting your hands dirty and making DIY (Do It Yourself) for a personal, eco-responsible touch. Our easy-to-make ideas:

  • Wooden place cards: Make personalized place cards using pieces of wood, engraved with the name of each guest. Decorate them with dried leaves or red berries for a natural touch.
  • Multicolored Christmas balls: Gather a dozen or so baubles in bright colors to create fresh, colorful table arrangements.
  • Fir branches and red berries: Arrange fir branches and red berries in tall vases for a fresh, green table decoration.
  • Candles: Use white candles and matching candles to add a warm, festive touch to the table.
  • Plant moss centerpiece: Create a unique centerpiece using plant moss, red ribbons and baubles.
  • Paper napkin rings: Fold paper napkins into napkin rings and add natural elements such as fir branches or cinnamon sticks to decorate them.
  • Natural table runner: Arrange fir branches, pine cones, nuts and flowers on a table runner for a natural, rustic decoration.
  • Gold candlesticks: Use antique gold candlesticks as accents on the Christmas table to add a touch of elegance.
  • Wire basket as centerpiece: Use a wire storage basket as a centerpiece and fill it with fir branches, baubles and pine cones for an abundance of decoration.



Recycled table decorations


  • Recovering glass bottles: Collect empty glass bottles, wash them thoroughly and use them as vases for flowers, fir branches or seasonal foliage.
  • Glass jar uses: Reclaim glass jars, such as jam jars or canning jars, to make candle jars. Place candles inside and surround them with branches of holly, red berries or pine cones for a warm ambience.
  • Wooden crates for displays: Recover wooden crates and use them as a base to create rustic displays for your Christmas dishes or desserts
  • Candles in oyster shells: Carefully clean oyster shells after eating them. Place a small tea light inside each shell to create unique, elegant candle holders.
  • Use tree branches as knife holders: Gather small tree branches and cut them into sections for use as rustic, natural knife holders.


Layering and harmonizing Christmas table decorations

For a well-organized and elegant table, rely on the layering of tablecloths, placemats, plates and decorations. Use jute table runners to add a textured, natural touch to your decor. Play with color and texture combinations to create elegant contrasts. Pair linen napkins with wooden name tags for a natural, chic effect. Layering different elements adds visual depth to your table decor.